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Applied Cleansing Solutions specialises in the manufacture of a range of industry proven, heavy duty, industrial vacuum cleaners. Featuring industrial grade vacuum and advanced dust filtration technology, these robust industrial vacuums are built to last. Choose from a product range that covers manufacturing sectors through to heavy duty industrial vacuum loading.

Product Range


Gutter Master Gutter Cleaning System

The professionals choice! Compact, income producing industrial vacuum cleaner specifically developed for rapid removal of wet or dry gutter waste. Gutters are a big issue for householders, and they need an expert to regularly clean them. Gutter Master's suction is very powerful and efficient. That means more effective gutter cleaning with less effort when compared with slower manual hand scooping methods.


Litter Master

A high performance roadside litter collection vacuum for councils, landfill tip operators or social event litter clean up contractors. Litter Master's massive 9000 CFM airflow suction rapidly takes care of bulk litter in public spaces and along roadsides.




Insulation Master

The fastest and most profitable way to remove cellulose and other loose fill ceiling insulation materials. Remove bulk fibrous insulation products in a fraction of the time compared with manual methods. The perfect machine for new insulation installers.




Portable industrial vacuum cleaners raning from 2.2kW to 7.5kW units with integrated 100 litre waste collection containers. Powerful and cost effective solutions for a wide range of industry sectors.
Wheelie Bin Litter Vac
A cost effective vacuum cleaning solution for all types of litter, operating with a Husqvarna 25 stroke engine and 127mm vacuum tube, this machine collects litter directly into a 240 Litre wheelie Bin.



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