super dragin magnum compressed air vacuum 350x263

  • 100 psi
  • 35 cfm
  • 3 metres of 38mm antistatic hose
  • Crome wand set (two pieces)
  • 18 inch squeegee head
  • Alloy camlock drum fitting

Super Dragin™ Magnum Brochure

dragin magnum 200x105

The MAGNUM SERIES 35 - 48 - 75

Super Dragin Pumps SDM-35-48 &75 are designed for high airflow, high vacuum, wet vacuuming, by example the SDM-75 is capable of vacuuming up molten tar, heavy sludge or viscous spill control.

dragin magnum set up 200x208

All of the Magnum Series are designed to screw into one of the matching 50mm (2”) drum ports on a 205 x 18 g steel drum or purpose built closed container, ideally a smooth bore vacuum hose should be fitted to the second drum port along with a suitable vacuum wand, for end users we have available 205 gal lids fitted with 2x50mm (2’) ports.

SDM-75 requires a compressed air supply of 75scfm (2,122.5 L/min) at 100psi (7 bar), this model pump is fitted with a large silencer & high airflow chrome float valve. Likewise SDM-35 requires 35 scfm at 7 bar and SDM-48 requires 48scfm at 7 bar.

magnum tools 230x71

Manufactured in Australia since 1989 Dragin Pumps have been exported to some 26 global countries & are currently used in such applications as Haz Mat emergency vehicles, Offshore Oil Rigs, Tar spraying trucks (product loading), Mining Vehicle wash down fluid recovery, Vacuum priming irrigation pumps, Vacuum Loading Tanks, Shipping Bilge Clean out.

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