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gutter master 1530 

Introducing . . . . Gutter Master™ 1530!



Your purpose engineered, complete gutter leaf, twigs and silt cleaning system. As the professionals choice it was specifically developed for fast and profitable gutter cleaning.

Over the past 8 years Gutter Master's™ design specifications have been continuously improved and refined based upon constant feedback obtained directly from operators already working in the industry. A proven performer working across Australia.


Clean roofs and gutters the professional way


  • 1150mm x 750mm stainless steel skid chassis with dual forklift pockets
  • Triple high performance bypass vacuum producers
  • 560cfm per min volumetric airflow
  • Liquid level shut off float
  • 2 x 20 metres of 2.5 inch smooth bore vacuum suction hose
  • Assorted gutter cleaning tools
  • Laser cut large capacity hose reel
  • 205 Litre waste collection drum with liquid drain tap
  • Drum tipper (optional supply)
  • Plastic bag waste collection kit (optional supply)
  • Torini electric start engine
  • Worksafe approved RCS's
  • Washable teflin coated dust filter

Australian MADE! Therefore Unbeatable warranty!

3 years warranty on the Generator and 12 months on the vacuum producers!! 


Hand scoop cleaning gutter channels and roof valleys can be a tiring and time consuming process. Hanging onto a ladder or crouching down at a roof line edge can become hard on your knees, ankles and feet. Wet, messy, gutter slop often has to be hand scraped into buckets that get heavier as you move along. By flicking the muck down to the ground and using regular blower vacs, you just end up having to double handle the silt you threw or leaves you blew off the roof. Then there is the dust cloud that blowing dry, dusty silt creates. Blower vacs can only go so far and these days customers would expect you to use professional equipment to completely clean their roof and gutters. There is no doubt that your business will create a far better impression on your customers. Your customers will call you back, and be more than happy to refer you.


Click on the image below to view a high definition video showcasing Gutter Master™ at work. After watching the video be sure to read through the additional information below.



Technical Specs


Extreme Vacuum Power

Gutter Master is powered by three large, maintenance free, electrically driven vacuum producers. Technical specifications are an impressive 15.85 cubic metres per minute (560 CFM) of free airflow. Your Gutter Master generates around 3 times the airflow and higher vacuum pressures when compared against regular drum type industrial vacuum cleaners.


On-Board Hybrid Electric Generator Powerplant

Your series Gutter Master 1530 is fitted with an integrated, Torini electric start petrol engine powering a 6500 watt pure sine wave 15HP generator. This enables your machine to be completely self energising. Your Genset powerplant is fully approved and comes with a three (3) year warranty. Gutter Master's custom-specification Gensets are fitted complete with weatherproof, full WorkCover Authority required Residual Current Devices (RCD) for electric shock hazard safety protection. These modern generators no longer require an Earth stake for grounding. Electric start, Plug N Play. Your included Genset can also be used to also power your other electric tools. It will deliver enough power to run a typical house. A full tank of Unleaded Petrol will run the generator for around 6 hours.


ACS GM1530 Gutter Vacuum System from Applied Cleansing Solutions on Vimeo.


Gutter Master's™ unique, hybrid engine/electric motor drive combination, delivers high airflow in a compact unit. This is especially true when compared directly against similar performance engine belt and pulley driven blower vacuums. Their vacuum pumps tend to be larger, heavier and far less energy efficient. They guzzle fuel and are much more costly to operate. It is a known fact that you simply get much more bang for your buck with hybrid electric drives.

No compromise top of the line vacuum suction producers.

The suction producers used to drive your Gutter Master™ are the latest technology. They are the most powerful in their class available anywhere in the world. No other compact commercial grade vacuum motors come close to this performance. These new high quality, made suction motors spin up at an amazing 34,000 RPM. For comparison household vacuum motors typically spin at 14,000 to 17,000 RPM. Individually they generate massive airflows. Your Gutter Master has three working together!!

Thermal and electrical overload protection is already built in so that they will not affect power circuits. Featuring a new high efficiency cooling system with tangential exhaust air ports. They have a patented liquid proof air sealed bearing system. This means that accidental water ingestion directly through the unique impeller housing will not ruin them like regular vacuum producers.

Gutter Master's special vacuum producers are made for us by a specialist manufacturer who are now in their 103rd year in business. They have acquired an enormous amount of engineering experience. Over a century they have solved a huge number of technical challenges to make these ultra-powerful devices. These state of the art suction motors will outperform all competitors in their class.


1530 Demonstration from Applied Cleansing Solutions on Vimeo.


Permanent high efficiency dust filter

Your Gutter Master™ features a long life high efficiency dust filter system. The dusty air is filtered by a large primary air filter that is suspended above the main capture drum. Featuring a proven textile filter technology known in the filter industry as Armour-Tex. It is one of the world's highest quality air filtration media available. This superb filter textile has an extremely high dust rejecting Teflon coated surface. Dust will not easily clog the filter. A simple manual shake to clean the filter is a completely dustless process. Your filter remains in place during the very easy 10 second cleaning process. With Gutter Master you will not need to spend any further monies on continually purchasing new filters.


Inbuilt cyclonic separator

To allow Gutter Master's™ special dust filter to stay cleaner for even longer your machine features an inbuilt tuned cyclonic separator. The incoming dirty air stream is rotationally deflected below and away from the filters and this keeps them cleaner. Your filters work more efficiently for much longer. The process is just like that other famous brand household vacuum only on a much larger scale.


Vacuum leaves, twigs and silt into 205 litre (44 Gallon) drum liner plastic bags

If desired your new Gutter Master™ can uniquely vacuum recover the collected leaf litter and silt directly into heavy duty, 205 litre steel drum liner plastic bags. Nearly all competitor vacuum equipment can only dump the messy collected waste directly onto the ground. A typical 4 bedroom house with heavy tree leaf litter and silt filled gutters might generate around a quarter of a drum of of waste. A quarter drum bag of leaves, twigs and silt will weigh a Health & Safety friendly ±15 kilograms. Of course, if you choose to empty the bag more frequently then the total bag weight is not an issue.


In some cases, by consent, this collected material can be discarded into the householder's green waste bin (if supplied by their local council). Alternatively, the collected material can be used to make an excellent, nutrient rich, saleable, garden compost. As your Gutter Master™ vacuums directly into heavy duty plastic bags there is no need to double handle the collected organic material. Your machine's primary collection drum is removable for cleaning if required but does not need to be tipped out.


Gutter Master 1530 kPa vacuum level from Applied Cleansing Solutions on Vimeo.


Your vacuum comes complete including special hoses, tools and accessories

With your Gutter Master™ package there is nothing else to buy as far as gutter cleaning is concerned. Your vacuum system arrives fully assembled complete with 2 x 20m lengths of lightweight, yet easy to manage, 63mm (2.5 inch) industrial duty vacuum hoses. Your gutter cleaning hoses are no ordinary vacuum hoses. Made to our own custom high temperature formulation these hoses are heat resistant on hot roofs and will not melt or soften like standard commercial hoses. Your hoses are tough and crush resistant. Despite being moulded from a harder compound material they retain an excellent bend radius and great product flowability This special abrasion resistant gutter cleaning hose is unique to your vacuum system.


Gutter Master™ is also fully capable of using all commercially available 51mm (2 inch) vacuum fittings, such as floor wands and hand tools. Our special alloy L rod wand is lightweight and easy to use. It has been designed to fit perfectly inside the greater majority of household rain gutter channels. A long reach, tight acccess, vacuum crevice tool is also included with your machine.


Abrasive wear liner and pressure equaliser

Engineered for a long operating life your Gutter Master's™ primary capture drum features a replaceable incoming air stream abrasive wear liner. A internal pressure equaliser is built in to prevent the large plastic bag from being sucked up into and thereby blocking off the airflow to the filter.


Smart self locking steel hose storage reel

This smartly engineered, low weight, plasma cut hose storage reel is now included as part of your package. As an excellent bulk hose storage reel it features an inbuilt rotation locking device to prevent potential for accidental self uncoiling of vacuum hoses whilst you are driving. This compact, modern, hose reel is only two thirds the size and one third the cost of an identical capacity conventional rolled tube reel. Yet it does the same job!


Includes a 205 litre steel drum interceptor vessel

By moving the included tuned Cyclonic Drum Interceptor head from a full drum to another empty drum your Gutter Master can continuously vacuum load into full size steel drums. Bulk storage capacity is no longer a problem. Strap four steel drums together and mount on a standard timber pallet. Now you have yourself an over 800 litre combined wet or dry capture vessel. An additional specially made, EPON plastic lined, rust resistant steel capture drum and drum lid with lever locking ring can be supplied as an option.

ACS Gutter Cleaning From The Ground Demonstration by Statewide Commercial Vacuuming from Applied Cleansing Solutions on Vimeo.


Contractor grade construction and parts interchangeable design

Gutter Master™ has been solidly built from accurate laser cut welded steel and is protected with an automotive grade high gloss powder coat finish. There are no weak fiddly bits to break. Like you, we will not compromise on quality and you can be assured that only premium grade industrial rated components are used in the construction of your vacuum. A modular parts interchangeable design offers you maximum flexibility in setup configurations.


Compact size fits in a box trailer

Your Gutter Master™ was purposely designed to fit on the back of most standard tray top utility vehicles or even inside a domestic sized 8ft x 5ft box trailer. Your machine is comparatively lightweight at only 175 kilograms and can quickly be fork lifted into place. Gutter Master™ is also able to fit sideways across the rear door inside most light commercial vans. This way you can have a fully enclosed, weather protected gutter cleaning solution.


Your vacuum's dimensions are a compact 1200mm long x 750mm wide x 1200mm high. This size is about as long as, but narrower than, an Australian timber skid pallet. If fitted with the optional, swivel castor wheels, your Gutter Master™ will fit through all standard 800mm wide doorways. Also, inside all passenger elevator lifts if ever required.


Vacuum truck like performance

Do not be misled by its compact size. Your Gutter Master is nothing like the ordinary vacuums you get from a hire shop. It delivers the serious suction grunt that one really needs to do effective gutter cleaning with long vacuum hoses. This excellent machine eliminates the problems associated with lower performance conventional steel drum type vacuums. You will be finished faster and earn more money with Gutter Master™.


Your Gutter Master™ vacuum does not have the higher capital cost, the heavier bulk weight, nor the much higher operating costs of expensive vacuum truck or trailer mounted tank based machines of similar performance. Those heavy pressure tank based machines absolutely have their place. They are ideally suited to bulk vacuum excavation or extra heavy sludge recovery jobs. However, they can be a costly overkill for use on gutter cleaning jobs. Gutter Master strikes the right balance between cost versus performance.