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We have been manufacturing a range of industry proven Gutter Cleaning machines for over 8 years with over 250 gutter cleaning systems operating around Australia.

Whether you’re intending to clean single or multi level homes/offices or Commercial & Industrial complex gutters we have a machine suitable for you.

Our systems are available with a:

  • Liquid Level Shut Down (model dependant)

  • Class leading filtration system

  • Wide selection of vacuum tools

  • Vacuum hose and hose reel packages

  • Selection of waste material collection receptacles

  • Industrial grade vacuum hoses

  • Quality generators and or Engine packs

  • Forklift pocket integrated mount skid systems

  • Alloy cleaning from the ground vacuum pole kits

  • Infrared cameras with DVR screens



Our Gutter Machines are all Australian made and are made of the highest quality materials.

All machines come with a warranty and we have numerous locations for support around Australia.

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Make money from day one!


The fact is that most homeowners across Australia will need their roof gutters cleaned at some stage. It is a time consuming and potentially dangerous job doing it by hand. Your efficient Gutter Master will make the job easy and profitable. A driven individual could make an excellent income if they had the desire. The beauty of this business is that there is no ongoing stock to buy or inventory to hold. It is simply a service only business and remember that the machine only works if you do!!


One could easily build up to a full-time gutter cleaning and for under $20,000 complete. This amount would easily cover your new Gutter Master, a box trailer, a quality 14ft extension ladder, fall restraint harness, height safety training, your initial flyer drops / newspaper advertising, insurances and just about all the other costs of establishing your new business venture. Contact Applied Cleansing Solutions about our all new tow-away complete gutter cleaning trailer system.


Most existing gutter cleaning operators charge an extra $60 to $80 loading on top of the normal cleaning rate for working on high pitch tile or colourbond steel roofs. This will lift your income earning potential once you have gained your confidence with using the vacuum. Our systems are also a general purpose vacuum system there is an additional opportunity to provide all manner of commercial vacuuming services


An excellent part-time income business opportunity!

Across Australia's mainland capital cities gutter cleaning the typical 3 bedroom single story house might earn you say $120 to $250 per job. Each job including total travel time might take approximately 2 hours. Therefore working say 8 hours starting by 8:00am on a Saturday morning might net you $500 to $1000 for the day. An experienced operator could likely complete up to four gutter vacuuming jobs by late afternoon. Every job is different and it really depends on how much plant and soil material is on the roof and in the gutters.


How to generate an income with the Gutter Master Vacuum System

Gutter Master is the affordable choice for part-time or even full-time operators. This machine is well suited to existing home services businesses, who are looking to increase their income by adding on an additional Gutter Cleaning service.


For newcomers Gutter Master is the best way to gain experience and grow within the industry. It is an ideal entry point into the maintenance services industry "without diving in head first". Your Gutter Master was intended to be affordable to own and operate. It's primary function is to assist you to make money!!

gutter master 90L3 gutter master vacuum 4000 gutter master vacuum 1530 gutter master vacuum 2250 gutter vacuum interceptor