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Introducing . . . . The Mini!



The Mini Series are compact industrial vacuums cleaners which are portable, will fit through a 2.4 m high door and are completely assembled. 

The standard 700 Litre hopper capacity enables far better production speeds.. This industrial yet compact design is available in 10, 15, 20, 25, and 30 hp models, and all are supplied with a 700 litre fork lift truck portable, air lift stand and self-dumping hopper.

The Mini Series can also be optioned as explosion proof vacuums and have been designed for continuous duty.

All models feature our "NO TOOLS REQUIRED"SM access and filter/cage removal and replacement system. When service is required, these features saves hours of down time unlike some of the competition’s designs. By adding the HEPA filter option your vacuum can be a HEPA vacuum cleaner.


  • 3/4 cubic yard hopper
  • “No Tools Required” Access
  • Positive displacement vacuum pumps ate V-belt driven for optimum performance
  • Filter bags are reverse pulse jet cleaned ona a "on-demand" (programmable) basis
  • Hopper full shut down probe
  • Flip top filtration access cover
  • Dual Inlets, dual inlet deflectors
  • Moveable (completely assembled) by a 2200kg fork-truck
  • No internal baffles or ledges to create bridging and retard the flow of collected materialFits thru an 8’ high door fully assembled


Mini 1000 10 270 ICFM @ 14" Hg 2.4 1633
Mini 1500 15 355 ICFM @14" Hg 3.2 1769
Mini 2000 20 440 ICFM @ 16" Hg 4.0 1815
Mini 2500 25 600 ICFM @ 16" Hg 5.3 1942
Mini 3000 30 720 ICFM @ 16 Hg 6.2 1987


30HP LP PEA GRAVEL - HOPPER.mp4 from Applied Cleansing Solutions on Vimeo.


Optional Features:

  • LP Gas or Diesel Powered
  • Filter Cartridges, Special Filter Media
  • Explosion Proof Vacuums or Explosive Atmosphere Construction
  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Liquid Handling Wet Level Probe
  • Trailer and Truck Mounted Units
  • Interceptor Hoppers
  • Power Cord Reels
  • HEPA vacuum cleaners and filters
  • 1.5 cubic metre Air Lift Stand and Self Dumping Hopper Upgrade
  • Stationary version of Mini series
  • Special Paint or Coatings