Introducing . . . . The Super Mini!



The Super Mini is a compact industrial portable vacuum which offers two types of vacuum producers, positive displacement or regenerative vacuum pump. Both are designed and rated for continuous duty.

These are compact industrial portable vacuums that allow raising the hopper and dumping collected material into a tote box, NOT on the floor as competitive machines do.

  • 170 litre self dumping hopper
  • Electric hydraulic lift cart and hopper dump into a 864mm high tote box
  • Cartridge filter with reverse pulse jet filter cleaning system
  • "No Tools Required" Access
  • “Hopper Full” shut down level probe
  • Flip top filter cartridge access cover
  • Dual Inlets, dual inlet target deflectors
  • Caster wheels

You can upgrade to a Fork Lift Truck Portable .5 m3 Air Lift Stand and Hopper in lieu of standard 170 litre Self Dumping Hopper and Electric Hydraulic Lift Cart. If no plant air is available with the .5 m3 Air Lift Stand and Hopper Upgrade, you can add an Air Compressor Option. Available in voltage 380V/3/50. Fits through a 920mm wide door.


A Teflon Coated Filter Cartridge and a Capacitance Type Level Probe for Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaners can also be added to your set up. The Super Mini Series is also available in a Stationary Vacuum System with 450 litre Bottom Dump Hopper.


Positive Displacement Vacuum Pump Model

7.5PD 180 ICFM @ 9.5" Hg       2", 2½", 3" 598  



Regenerative Vacuum Pump Models

MODEL       HORSEPOWER          AIRFLOW          HOSE SIZE       WEIGHT kg
8.5R 180 ICFM @ 9.5" Hg       2", 2½", 3" 498
11.5R 11½ 180 ICFM @10.5" Hg       2", 2½", 3" 544

Gutter Range