insulation vacuum

  • Stainless steel fabrication/ body

  • Zero wear no maintenance fan system

  • V-Twin Vanguard petrol engine

  • Collects waste into 400 litre bio degradable bags

  • 400 litre capacity collection bags

  • 30 metres 5 inch polyurethane anti static vacuum hose

  • Quick release hose connections

  • 8 inch to 5 inch reducing cone inlet

This is the fastest way to remove old cellulose insulation from ceiling spaces. Using a large diameter 5 inch duct hose Insulation Master will rapidly and profitably remove shredded cellulose insulation in a fraction of the time compared with regular vacuum cleaning. Massive airflow sucks up blown in insulation as fast as you can point the hose.

An Australian developed, Cellulose and Rockwool insulation removal vacuum that solves the design limitations associated with older, imported suction through the impeller style insulation vacuum machines. Insulation Master is unique, and features a impeller system that does not make contact with the vacuumed cellulose insulation.

This major operational improvement completely eliminates the rapid fan wear and engine drive shaft wear deterioration universally associated with earlier insulation vacuum designs. As a rapid recovery machine it is perfect for fast and profitable ceiling insulation removal with the benefit of having a significantly longer working lifespan with near zero ongoing maintenance costs. Insulation Master vacuum comes complete including 30 metres of anti-static Polyurethane vacuum duct hose. Available as either a skid mount or integrated into a custom road registrable trailer.