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Gutter Master 2030


Introducing . . . . Gutter Master™ 2030!



The Gutter Master™ 2030 is our COMPACT Industrial Grade trailer/utility mounted vacuum system


  • Key Start 21 HP Vanguard VTwin engine driving a regenerative vacuum producer
  • 60m x lightweight industrial grade 63mm smooth bore vacuum hose
  • Various gutter vacuum tools
  • High liquid shut off valve (optional supply)
  • 205 Litre waste collection drum with cyclonic interceptor
  • Purpose made steel hose reel (optional supply)
  • Drum tipper (optional supply)


This Australian made and designed vacuum system is the latest generation of our specifically designed vacuums for the mobile tradesman for Australian conditions and environments.


The capabilities are endless, from pit cleaning, pressure washer run off recovery, roof cavity dust and of course gutter cleaning.


ACS Gutter Master 2030 Vacuuming Mud & Water from Applied Cleansing Solutions on Vimeo.


This ready to work system will be the only vacuum you will require.


The 21 Hp key start Vanguard Vtwin engine powers the regenerative heavy duty, no maintenance vacuum producer.


Australian MADE! Therefore Unbeatable warranty!

3 years warranty on the Engine and 24 months on the vacuum producer!!


Our new generation Gutter Master™ 2030 gutter vacuum system built for external vehicle mount applications, is now one of our most popular models.


The engine, vacuum blower and filter housing is housed on a 5mm thick stainless steel skid /platform with integrated securing points and forklift pockets. Even the entire filter housing, vacuum inlets and outlets are made from stainless steel.


ACS Gutter Cleaning From The Ground Demonstration by Statewide Commercial Vacuuming from Applied Cleansing Solutions on Vimeo.

The integrated marine style poly fuel tank with gauge makes refueling simple and safe. This machine has not been designed and built to a price, it has been built to last. The engine comes with a 3 year warranty from Briggs and Stratton who is based right here in Australia, the blower comes with an ACS backed 2 year warranty.


The engine on the Gutter Master™ 2030 is a 21hp Vanguard key start engine, drive is via a twin belt system to an industrial regenerative vacuum producer that is basically maintenance free.


Gutter Master 2030 kPa vacuum level from Applied Cleansing Solutions on Vimeo.

  • Storm water sumps
  • Flooded basements
  • Bird droppings
  • Ceiling cavities
  • Rainwater tanks
  • Chimneys
  • Pressure washer water recovery
  • Industrial site clean ups

Components , like the drum top cyclonic interceptor (stainless steel), drum (rust prevent lined), drum tipper (industrial powder coated), hose reel (industrial powder coated), alloy light weight vacuum tools and even our ACS specification clear and light weight vacuum hose are designed to be a complete engineered system.


We first offered mechanised locally designed and manufactured gutter vacuum systems back in 2006 and today we still offer our clients the best systems, best warranties and the best after sales support