Portable Industrial Vacuums, Applied Cleansing Solutions, Trailer Mounted


Introducing . . . . Trailer Vacuum Series!



Both the Multi-Vac Mini and Millennium Series Fork Lift Truck Portable Vacuum equipment can be trailer mounted vacuums or truck mounted vacuums and are powered by electric, LP gas or Diesel. We also design and build special trailer and truck units for your unique needs.

  • 2 or 3/4 cubic yard hopper
  • “No Tools Required” Access
  • Positive displacement vacuum pumps ate V-belt driven for optimum performance
  • Filter bags are reverse pulse jet cleaned ona a "on-demand" (programmable) basis
  • Hopper full shut down probe
  • Flip top filtration access cover
  • Dual Inlets, dual inlet deflectors
  • No internal baffles or ledges to create bridging and retard the flow of collected material
  • Moveable (completely assembled)by a 36000 kg forklift truck
  • Trailers can be retrofitted to any of our existing units

102 hp Diesel Blast Media Recovery and Classification Trailer, Unit was set up to be vacuum and pressure for reloading the reclassified grit back into the blast pots.

Special Power Plant Electric Trailer Mounted Vacuum, low ground pressure in-plant trailer, adjustable railroad track wheels, 3.8 cubic metre collected material hopper. Vacuum discharges material between the railroad tracks to underground storage hoppers.



Optional Features:

          • Hose reel
          • Nozzle rack

Truck Mounted Vacuums are utility locating equipment which operate during excavation, the wet and dry features of our Diesel Excavator has all the utility locating equipment required to do a fast and efficient job when digging for utilities.

High pressure air or water is used to bore the hole to utilities while vacuuming the earth and collecting in the dump hopper. Using the dry method allows the operator to immediately dump dry earth back in the hole after working on located utility.


Trailers can be built to off road and over the road specifications.




Off The Road Specifications:

          • Dual and Triple Torflex Axles with Electric Brakes
          • Spare Tire
          • Jack Stand with Crank Assembly, Choice of Pintel or Ball Hitc
          • Tail, Side and License Plate Lights
          • Breakaway Kit and Safety Chains
          • U.S.D.O.T. Safety Regulations